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    Welcome To The New Normal

    Ask yourself a simple question: how big is my digital footprint? Size matters. But it’s not the only thing that matters. Because what’s the point of a big foot if you’ve got no rhythm? What we mean by that is, visibility is important. Yet it doesn’t matter how many social networks you’re on, how many e-mail blasts you’re sending out, or how many Google ads you’re putting out if there isn’t quality behind the quantity.
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    Search Starts With Looking Within

    “What’s the wi-fi password?” Whether it’s a tea shop, doctor’s office, or your best friend’s house, this basic question is now representative of our generation. And it’s not going away any time soon. As smartphones, tablets and laptops increase in power and efficiency, it’s important that you, a business owner, realize that your digital footprint can put you a step ahead of your competition. Think about it, you’re a tourist and you and your friends just arrived into Miami. It’s Saturday night. You know that Miami’s nightlife scene is sizzling but with so much heat around you, how do you know which club is the hottest? You Google “best nightclub in Miami“, if you’re willing to travel a bit. Or if you’re staying in South Beach, “nightclubs in South Beach“. Or if you’re staying in South Beach and want to walk to the nearest club, “nightclub near me”. These are moments where you, as a consumer, are willing to pay for the best and most convenient option.  This is what Google likes to call micro-moments.
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    “Micro-moments occur when people reflexively turn to a device—increasingly a smartphone—to act on a need to learn something, do something, discover something, watch something, or buy something. They are intent-rich moments when decisions are made and preferences shaped. In these moments, consumers’ expectations are higher than ever. The powerful computers we carry in our pockets have trained us to expect brands to immediately deliver exactly what we are looking for when we are looking. We want things right, and we want things right away.”