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    Make Every Click Count

    Harnessed right, PPC is a powerful tool for bringing conversions

    ppc miami
    Not even the world’s biggest stress ball can save you from the frustration of a bad PPC campaign
    PPC (Pay-Per-Click) is an advertising strategy where you pay a fee for every time someone clicks on your ad. When it comes to digital marketing, Search Engine PPC is one of the most popular but it also exists across several vehicles such as Facebook, Reddit, Twitter and other websites. When properly executed, a PPC campaign can bring good profits and much happiness. The keywords are “when properly executed” Pay-Per-Click is a great option for businesses whose products and/or services are worth the leads. For instance, if you are a locksmith and every service call can bring you $50 minimum and up to hundreds of dollars, then it’s worth paying a few dollars per click because the gain can be substantial. When considering whether PPC is right for you, look at whether your website or landing page is suitable for advertising. And once you receive a lead, are you prepared to close the sale? We can’t stress this point enough. PPC is not recommended if you don’t have a sales person or sales team that can handle interactions at the point of sale. Or else you’d be wasting leads (and wasting your money). Here’s a good guide on how to good sales tips for paid search.

    PPC Miami

    Campaign Setup

    Any successful PPC campaign starts with a strong foundation, proper technical setup is crucial for a smooth running campaign.
    • Landing Page Construction
    • On-Page Optimization
    • Campaign Settings
    • Keyword Research
    • Tracking Code Implementation
    • …and more

    Campaign Content

    From landing page content to the ad itself, you have to make sure your content is relevant and engaging to the consumer you’re targeting.
    • Ad Copy Desktop/Mobile
    • Ad Extensions
    • USP Analysis
    • CTAs (Calls To Action)
    • Grammar/Spellcheck
    • …and more

    Monitoring & Tracking

    The definition of insanity is doing the same thing expecting different results. Here we monitor everything to optimize delivery of your ads!
    • Split Testing
    • Attribution Analysis
    • Campaign Analysis
    • Call Tracking
    • Bid and Budget Management
    • …and more

    Figuring Out Whether PPC Is Right For You

    PPC or SEO?

    ppc or seo
    Don’t let deciding between PPC or SEO get you down, that’s what we’re here for!
    If you’re looking to invest into search marketing for the first time and you’re in between PPC and SEO, keep this in mind: SEO is a slow burn, meaning it will take several months before you start to see substantial results. Once you *do* rank up organically, though, the volume you’ll see on a regular basis will surpass that of paid search. PPC is better suited for businesses that are looking for traffic and leads as soon as possible, but are willing to invest enough to get a proper return.

    When your advertising clicks, it pays off.

    Let’s say you’re a great local plumber but don’t have much of a digital footprint. Using Google AdWords, the top PPC advertising system in the world, you can bid on keywords (like an auction) that people normally search up related to your field. Then, you create an ad that contains what you’re trying to promote, your website and additional sublinks. plumbers in miami A great ad, though, requires a great deal of patience and maintanence. The ad has to be clear, engaging and to the point. You have to determine what and where your audience is and what segment of that audience will bring you the most profit. And ultimately, tweak the campaign to maximize your return on investment (ROI). If you’re seeking to start a PPC campaign, or have any questions about how it works, give us a call at 305-851-6359 or email us at contactus@wtsdigital.com and let’s take the lead!