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    Search Engine Optimization – Find How To Be Found

    The Rundown

    SEO, Search Engine Optimization, is the process of gaining more visitors to your website through ranking up on all major search engines. In turn, you “optimize” (enhance) factors on your site to get the highest ranking possible. Now, you may be sitting there, looking at your own site and saying “Why aren’t you ranking?! Do something!” But it doesn’t exactly work that way. You see, Google and all other search engines place the user experience above all else. So if you’re site is slow, spammy, a mess to navigate, or just completely inaccurate, chances are it will have trouble ranking. If you have any of these issues, make sure to visit our web design section to revamp your site.

    Misconception About SEO

    One of the biggest misconceptions about SEO is that you can get on the front page in a matter of a couple of months. If any SEO company or freelancer claims this, they are either doing shady tricks (i.e. Black Hat SEO) or selling you snake oil (i.e. lying). A good SEO campaign will show progress 3 months in and takes at least 6 months to see a valuable return. So if you’re looking to get traffic and leads fast, it’s better to go the PPC route.
    seo services - find how to be found
    Step 1 – Find us. Good. Now onto Step 2, let’s get you found.

    How Our SEO Expertise Can Help You

    SEO can broadly be divided into 4 major categories–technical, keyword research, content, and backlinking. Here’s a bit of what we can exactly do for you in each:


    How your website performs and if search engines can read it. Think site speed, security, mobile responsiveness, and crawlability/indexability.
    • Meta Tags
    • Meta Descriptions
    • Alt Tags
    • Speed Optimization
    • Image Optimization
    • XML Sitemaps
    • Dead Link Checker
    • …and more


    Is your content relevant to your industry? Engaging? Sufficient? Are you finding different ways to provide content? Are they SEO-friendly?
    • Content Ideation
    • Blog Posts
    • Photo Galleries
    • Video
    • Infographics
    • Surveys
    • …and more

    Keyword Research

    Are you focusing on the right keywords? Are the keywords you’re focusing on generating search volume? Are they money keywords?
    • Target Demographic Research
    • Competitive Keyword Research
    • Search Volume and CPC Research
    • Long-Tail Keyword Research
    • Local SEO Research
    • …and more


    Is your content being found? Are you getting linked back to reputable websites within your industry? Do they have high authority? And are you on all relevant directories?
    • Directory Submissions
    • Link Building
    • Link Replacement
    • Link Outreach
    • …and more

    SEO – The Rundown

    Looking under the hood of your website

    A crucial factor of SEO success is whether or not your website is built for the user experience.

    If you mislead, you’ll miss leads

    Once people get to your site, will they find what they’re looking for? If you label your blog as a sports blog but only talk about football, are you really a “sports blog” or an NFL blog? You have to make sure that your content appeals to your consumer. This line of thought mainly applies to PPC but also stretches to SEO.