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    Digital Marketing Starts With Your “Digital House”

    digital home
    Get your “digital home” charged up!
    If your business is your second home, then your website is your second home’s home. So how would you like to renovate? Are you looking for more sales opportunities? Maybe you want more people to read your fun and innovative blog. Or maybe you’re a singer who is trying to be the next big thing. If any of these are the case, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ll sit down with you and discuss your needs, what vision you have for your site, and how you’d like to see it executed. Give us a call at 786-600-1893 or email us at contactus@wtsdigital.com and let’s take the lead!

    Our Web Design Services


    One-pagers are perfect starting points if you’ve never had a website before, you’re cash-strapped and/or are just looking to put yourself out there!


    Exactly what they sound like. One-page websites. (Hover to learn more!)


    Redesigns are great options for website owners who have had experiences with bad web designers or are looking to rebrand. Less expensive than a new website.


    You already have an existing website and would like to retouch it. (Hover to learn more!)

    New Website

    Depending on what type of website you want, new websites usually are the most expensive but well-worth it in the long run. You’ll know from day one that your site is in good hands.

    New Website

    You would like a brand new website from scratch. (Hover to learn more!)
    All services are mobile responsive unless otherwise noted. Other offerings we include: landing pages, e-commerce websites, home page clean-ups and more. Give us a call at 786-600-1893 to find out more!

    The Strategist’s 4 Web Design Core Concepts

    We believe these 4 principles are the foundation of any good website. Click/tap on each to find out more.


    Speed is arguably the most important aspect of your website. Why? If you’re a firm believer in first impressions, how fast your website comes up will show users whether you’re looking out for their best interests. A slow website can make for a frustrating customer experience and there’s proven data that suggests users won’t wait more than 3 seconds for a webpage to load. If you’re using our SEO services, you’ll need a fast website to rank up effectively.Speed optimization is one of the most crucial components we focus on and we’ll make sure you have a website that’s as quick as it is strong.


    Have you ever walked into a retail store where nothing was in order? A rogue belt in the jackets section. Socks sizes completely mismatched and out of order. Three denim jeans sections on opposite sides of the stores. If your website is like that, they’ll leave your maze before they turn the next corner. Remember, it’s all about the customer experience and if you’re as disorganized as your website looks, there’s no chance you’ll be able to inspire trust in your customers. We’ll make sure your website is fluid and easy to navigate.


    There is no standard or prototype for what a good website should look like. Any good website revolves around its customers and your set of customers is unique from other companies. So what might appeal to them, might not to others. With that said, good websites always share common stylistic traits. Consistent formatting. Sharp attention to detail. Vibrant images. These factors and more are what separate your site from pretenders. Our main priority is that your message and identity radiates before the first block of text is read.


    Where style is the illumination of your site, substance is its foundation. We will NEVER build you a website that’s all fluff. As we mentioned in our “Who We Are” section, what’s the point of getting someone to your website if you can’t keep them there? Tailored to your business’ essence, your website will be a credible and professional force that will resonate with your customers. What we want to cultivate is a human connection between your brand and your consumers that is founded on trust, engagement and good content.

    Understanding Web, Understanding Design

    Why knowing how to spin the web helps when you spin the threads

    The evolution of internet browsing

    free aol discs
    Back when dinosaurs and AOL free trials ruled the world
    When the internet started to become popular in the late 90s and early 2000s, there wasn’t a lot of customization involved when building websites. HTML and CSS (the two main languages responsible for displaying websites on your browser) were still in their early forms and mobile responsiveness wasn’t a necessity. Yet here we are in 2017 and there’s a coin-flip’s chance that you’re reading this on your phone. Not having a mobile website or app for your business means you’re missing out on prime opportunities.

    More than meets the eye

    It’s our job as web designers to grow and adapt. We don’t just owe it to ourselves, we owe it to you. Because the more we learn, the faster and better we can complete projects. In regards to CSS, the newest innovation is CSS Grid, a revolutionary framework designed to completely change the way we look at building websites. Although it currently (as of October 2017) only has 65% universal browser support, it’s only a matter of time before it becomes more mainstream and it’s important to get ahead of the trends when possible.