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Our approach to customer relations involves proper preparation, transparency and quite the dash of hard work.


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    MIA – But not Missing In Action

    Hailing from the heart of Miami, Web Traffic Strategist is a digital marketing company dedicated to building the online footprints of small businesses. If you build it, they WILL come. But will they stay?


    “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”

    – Aristotle

    Your business may have great employees, a fantastic product and a prime location but if your team and your vision are not unified, you’ll never reach your full potential.

    And yet, you can’t do it all yourself. As a “small” business owner, your problems are anything but small. The day-to-day stresses of running a business, compounded with a lack of resources can make you feel lost and fatigued.

    That’s where we come into the picture.

    Built With Integrity, Build To Last

    One Team

    With skilled and enthusiastic marketers invested in the long-term success of your company, your business is in good hands.

    One Mission

    To build and prosper relationships with clients based on honest work, open communication and quality results.

    One Vision

    To provide a digital marketing framework that will increase your business’ visibility and reputation, while meeting your monetary goals.

    A little on our Director – David Vargas

    Meet David

    Born and raised in the county of Dade, David has always aspired to leave people and businesses better. Growing up from modest means in Little Havana, David’s parents worked hard to show him the importance of work ethic, integrity, and the importance of a positive attitude at an early age.

    In his senior year of high school at Miami Senior High, David was awarded the Posse Foundation Leadership Scholarship to the University of Pennsylvania, a full-tuition ride for what was the most treasured achievement of his life.

    When I received that scholarship, it was such a special moment I’ll never forget it. The first thing I did was run to my parents’ room to break the news, I’m not much of a crier but I was bawling. They deserved it. I knew we couldn’t afford to go to a school like Penn without any financial help and to get this blessing from above really helped put things in perspective.

    Philly Cheese

    At the University of Pennsylvania, David studied Communication and was involved in numerous student groups including Sigma Phi Epsilon, Students for Sensible Drug Policy and even briefly co-hosting his own university radio show. Along the way, he made eternal friendships with people of so many diverse backgrounds that have shaped his perspective.

    In between semesters at Penn, David interned at Discovery Communications (Summer 2011 – Miami), The Nielsen Company (Summer 2012 – Los Angeles), and Royal Caribbean (Summer 2013 – Miami), where he worked along talented sales and advertising teams. The experience for him at each site was rewarding.

    One thing I’ve been thankful for in my professional career is that I’ve always worked for fantastic bosses who were great in nurturing and advising me. Each experience was unique in its own right and I was lucky to intern at three well-respected and revered companies like Discovery, Nielsen and Royal.

    david vargas headshot
    David Vargas’ headshot. Don’t forget to smile!
    posse ceremony picture

    Posse Ceremony: From left to right, David’s late and great CAP Counselor George Bain (RIP), David, David’s good friend Freddy, Posse Foundation founder Deborah Biel and Miami Dade Public Schools Superintendent Alberto Carvalho

    Taking his talents back to South Florida

    After graduating in 2014 with his B.A. in Communication, David returned to Miami to work for Hemisphere Media Group. There, he began his foray into the world of marketing, where he worked as a Marketing Coordinator for the ad-sales team.

    Like many college kids straight out of school, I didn’t really know what I wanted to do. But marketing always felt like a natural fit because of my experience working within sales teams. I was always analytical, yet also imaginative and with marketing, those are two very important skills to have. I’m thankful for my time at Hemisphere, as I learned a lot about working with a team, meeting deadlines and holding accountability.


    After his stay at Hemisphere, David decided to learn more about digital marketing and hop into the world of web design, SEO and PPC in hopes of eventually building his own digital marketing company.

    As a digital marketer in today’s day and age, it’s really important to open your skillset. Everything evolves so fast. Most successful marketers should have some other related professional background whether it’s graphic design, computer science, or sales. I went through the road of web design because a) I liked it and b) I was good at it. Most people spend their whole lives looking for a career that gives them both those things–I’m lucky to have found it early.

    I’ve seen businesses in the past with bad websites they received through fraudulent web designers. Small businesses can’t afford to take the loss (financial and promotional) when it comes to a bad website deal. So we’re here to help and provide a fair alternative to the scammers and the careless.

    You can follow David on LinkedIn for more information on his professional background. Or email him here if you just wanna talk!

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    Doesn’t get much more ‘Miami’ than this.
    david sippin tea while working

    Protip: Matcha Tea is a great energizer and helps you focus as you work!

    Our team consist of Digital Marketing Consultant Manager Jose D. Vargas

    SEO & PPC Consultant Danny Vargas

    Danny top accounts for industries such as construction, Wedding Event Rentals, Locksmiths and more.