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November 8, 2017
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Why Our 3 in 1 SEO Packages Are Great For Small Business!

Our 3 in 1 SEO packages are perfect for small businesses on a budget. Let’s start by what our 3 in 1 SEO package offers, this package is made for the small businesses. Most of the small businesses that need leads like “yesterday”, but also want to work on their organic profitable keyword ranking and can’t afford to pay for both services to big agencies that charge an arm and a leg.

Our goal as a small business marketing agency is to offer great pay-per-click management and SEO services combined so that while you wait for your organic quality traffic you are still bringing clients to help you grow your business. But what makes this SEO marketing combination package even more special is that we also threw in a standard website management service to help you with the task such as simple text edits, photo replacement or uncomplicated new custom graphic work and more.

Pay-Per-Click management

So let’s start with Pay-Per-Click management. Our experts will set up your campaigns after extensive research on your landing page, making sure it is ready for lead generation. You see we will not only bring you quality leads to your website or landing page we will guide you to a better landing page conversion strategy. After carefully studying your landing page, we will structure your Adwords campaign perfectly with your website and landing page. Making sure your keywords are set on the right match type, whether it is broad modified, phrase match, or exact match we will find what works best for your campaign.

This is just the beginning we will optimize your ad copy, negative keywords, conversion tracking, quality score, A-B testing on ads, competitor research, IP blocking from fraudulent clicks and much more. You would think Google would make it easier for their advertisers, yeesh! That’s why you hear crazy stories of poor businesses spending $10,000 in Adwords without one sale, but anyways I will leave that for another post. Let’s continue with our sexy 3 in 1 SEO packages.

What do you get out of our search engine optimization service?

So let me break it down for you, what’s so good about our SEO packages? The first thing that comes to mind is that we do not do any contracts of 6 months or a year like other marketing/SEO agencies. We feel that it’s wrong to get a small business trying hard to succeed in a contract for 6 months at $600 without any guaranteed, it’s really a cutthroat tactic used by underperforming SEO agencies in our mind. So let’s keep dissecting our SEO services. We start by auditing your website’s health or in other words what Google and other search engines like to see when they crawl a website. This includes speed, title tags, description tags, image analysis and much more!

While we are working on your onsite SEO we start to bring in fresh content to your website with the keywords we want to target. Google tells us that content is king, so we bring in as much as it is necessary to please the search engine. Now the most important part in my eyes is our quality back linking. I feel here is where most SEO agencies fall short, why you may ask? Because for the most part, good back linking is a time consuming expensive process.

If you don’t have access to quality websites with high page rank or a back linking specialist that uses white hat techniques, you more than likely won’t reach the 1st page of Google naturally with out penalties. What do I mean by white hat? Well in the SEO world there are good backlinking techniques that Google likes and cheating techniques that Google hates and punishes you if they catch you using these cheating techniques we call them black hat, don’t get caught using cheating techniques my friends. So at the end, our package is starting to look very savory to you small business friends.

The Icing on The Cake is our Standard Web Site Management Service

So we said to ourselves here at Web Traffic Strategist, what else can we give on these amazing SEO-PPC packages? Let’s make it easy to take care of your website without paying extra for small edits, adding new images that you took at the company picnic or a new product announcement you would like to make. Also maybe you want us to keep track of your domain and hosting renewal or any other little thing you might not have time when running your small business. So folks our 3 in 1 SEO package could be costing you around $1,000 but with us you get it for only $599.00. So give us a call today so we can get you on the path to success.

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